So here goes – my first post. So I want to just talk about myself a little bit, everyone secretly loves doing that to be honest…talking about themselves.

Born into a modern Gujarati family, I have a Mother and Father (obviously!), an older brother and an amazing sister-in-law (we say Bhabhi in our language so I’ll be referring to her as Bhabhi in this blog). My mum being from a traditional family had all the knowledge of an “old school” Indian woman. This means not only is she educated but she knows how to cook, clean and basically create and maintain a home.

My Family

My Mum, Dad and Bhabhi are all vegetarian, whereas my Brother and I also eat meat (but no beef due to religious reasons). So we’ve generally grown up eating vegetarian food, but the variety of food was not scarce. A lot of people have the misconception that vegetarian food can be dull, boring and lacking variety – WRONG! I have 27 years of experience eating different foods to prove this, and many of these recipes will be posted on my blog.

My Family 2
My family in “model mode”

So what about me? What do I do? What are my dreams?

Funnily enough, even though my passion is cooking and eating food, my background I guess is best summarised as “IT”. My brother is to blame for this. As most little brothers want to be like their big brother’s, I would also literally follow him around like a tail and watch him like a puppy watches their owner. As soon as I know hes playing a game, or doing something interesting on the computer, I’d dart to him and just watch. Two decades or so later, I’ve completed a Software Engineering degree, worked at a large multi-national financial services company and currently work at a small but very progressive analytics company.

3 Types of Brownies
Example of my experiments (saffron and pistachio buttercream brownies)

Though, one thing that has been consistent throughout all this is my passion for food. I guess my initial interest in terms of cooking came about maybe in the last 10 years, but my ambition came about around 2-3 years ago. By ambition I mean, although the ideal position in the future for me would be a safe, secure, well paying job to support my family, blah blah – my real dream, would be to have my own restaurant, but I’m a long way away from it. I’ve still got a lot to learn; techniques, terminologies, different ingredients, textures, flavours and so much more. Hopefully I’ll be able to use this blog as a diary of my journey in my attempt to achieve this dream. Some of the dishes I produce may be utter crap (excuse my French), and some might actually be half decent and I’ll be relying not only on the feedback of the people I test it on, but my readers who use my recipes…yes…YOU!

I’d like to briefly speak about a few other people in my life that are amazing cooks – my aunties, uncle and last but not least – my gran (I will call her Ba in my blog). We have so much talent in our family. As much as nowadays there’s all these flavours and flamboyant dishes out there created by innovative chefs, sometimes simple cultured home cooking is the best and my family can cook some delicious traditional Gujarati dishes.

Okay that’s enough about me and myself, enjoy the blog!!




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  1. Lata says:

    Great blog, now looking forward to for the recipes!!


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