Bear Experience: Taste of London Festival Part 2

So this is just a continuation of part 1 of my Taste of London Festival post. If you haven’t already seen it, check it out here. I will be following the same format, first the dish and then the restaurant. I will then be giving each individual dish a review and score out of 5….

Recipe: Kale pesto with sunflower seeds and walnuts (VG) (GF)

I popped into Asda (my local supermarket) after work because we ran out of cream crackers. I’m really bad when it comes to shopping, because I might go somewhere for 1 item and then end up leaving with 20 (I then get an earful from mum asking where we are going to put it all)….

Bear Experience: Taste of London Festival Part 1

I’ve been really looking forward to this post, not only because I wanted to share my experience of my first ever food festival, but because of the amount of content. I have so much to talk about, that I decided to split it into 2 parts. I will talk about the different aspects of the…